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Bulukumba community has been in contact with the religious teachings of Islam since the beginning of century – 17th AD, which is expected in the year 1605 AD the Islamic religion brought by 3 (three) major scholars (Waliyullah) from the island of Sumatra, each title Dato Tiro (Bulukumba), Dato Ribandang (Makassar), and Dato Patimang (Luwu).

The essence of Islamic teachings is tasawwuf for religious awareness and mobilize them to zuhut attitudes beliefs, sacred force inside and outside, as well as survivors of the world and the hereafter, in the context of monotheism “Appasewang” (to God Almighty Allah).

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Legend Of Phinisi Sailing Boat Indonesia

One day a pilolog Bugis, Doctoral Nurhayati Rahman, opened the library closet and grabbed a book of ancient literature Bugis La Galigo. He read a verse about the oral tradition of the Bugis boat philosophical: “If you are having difficulties at sea, then palingkanlah boat to the right seven times. If it had not given way, palingkanlah boat to the left of seven times. If that was not given path, then you take trouble.

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Spirit of Phinisi Boats Of Indonesia

The Phinisi Spirit
The highly valued spices, and the fabled spice route itself, actually originated on the islands of the Malay Archipelago, later known as the “East Indies” or spice islands.

Spices from these small islands were transported along a well developed network of sea routes by even more impressive sailing vessels, ancestors to the modern Phinisi.

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Sangiang Village East Sumbawa Island Indonesia

Sangeang beach is located on the north part of East Sumbawa Island, around 70 Km from the town of Bima, Capital of East of Sumbawa.

Sangeang beach has been long time for boat building location in Indonesia, Most of the tribe of sangeang known and learn they skills from the Immigrants of Buginese Konjos of Bulukumba for over 200 years ago.
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Tana Beru Bulukumba South Sulawesi Indonesia

Tana Beru – The phinisi boat bulding location.
Tana Beru is located 176 kilometres from Makassar City or 23 kilometres from Bulukumba District. Tana Beru is widely known as a place for making traditional Phini boat. In the dry dock we can see a great amount of sailing boat are being made in various size. Phinisi boat (Perahu Phinisi) is well-known as a means of traditional sea transportation amongst the Bugis people since many centuries ago.

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How to Build A Phinisi Boats

What have we done to change these craft for a newly defined purpose as a yacht or charter vessel…?

Our goal has been to preserve the extraordinary aesthetic tradition of these vessels and to carry their best qualities forward, but to improve them where needed in order to serve their new purpose as charter yachts.
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Cost to Build A New Phinisi Boats

The following costs are just an indication of what it can cost you in new building. The main factor is simply the type, price and availability of the wood at the time of purchase as the quality wooden iron wood is hard to get, we strongly recommend you to collect the wood before starting to build.

Below prices is flexible, prices is depending on cost of the Iron wood in the market, nowdays, the wood increase quite fast due to the Government regulation and transportation.

Please contact us or follow our website feeds for prices updates, when you email us, we will inform you the prices and all the updates information you need.
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24 Meter Phinisi Lambo Sailing Boat

We just start build up a new 24 meter phinisi boat own by a travel agent in Lombok Island Indonesia and below is the photos, we will updates regularly:

The boat will be operated between Lombok to Moyo, Satonda, Komodo, Rinca, Flores, Taka Bonerate Atoll and South Sulawesi and perhaps also to eastern islands of Indonesia.

The boat has 01 master cabins, 03 double bunk cabin and 02 single bunk cabins for capacity of 12 passengers. This is one of the boat that fit for Indonesia water and power on sails.
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